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Our first snowfall!!

Hi everyone and thank goodness it's Friday but thanks most of all to all of those men and women out there in our military branches doing everything they need to do, risking their lives everyday for us !!!!  We love you !!! As far as snow goes, guess i'm glad i have the background for my page that i do.  It didn't quite look like this when i woke up today but we did have a dusting so it's officialy the first snow of Winter 2011.  I'd be ok to see no more snow the rest of winter but since I live in Michigan, i'm definitely dreaming with that one :) Hope everyone has a great day!! Krista

Time for a MAJOR update !!!

Hi everyone!  I have been away from my page for way too long but i'm back now with the intention to keep this updated.  I just got married a week ago yay!!  So, turning over a new life and a new leaf  (no pun intended). Since i last posted, my list of "published" has grown.  I now have 4 different short stories available.  I had alot of fun writing those stories and am so very proud to be grouped with some great authors.  Love in an Elevator  in the Christmas anthology "Believe" Love Takes the Cake in the Valentine anthology "Be Mine, Valentine" Whiskey's Sweet Revenge in the derby anthology "All Bets are On" Surf's Up   in the summer shorts anthology "Summer Shorts" They are all available at my fantastic publisher's bookstore, click this link,   and search for my name.  These titles are all available in digital.  If you are interested in print copies, as you narr