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My Sexy Saturday ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

Wanna get your sexy on? Sweet ! What is it that makes you get your sexy on? Today i want to share a bit from the short story i wrote for Roane Publishing  as part of their anniversary promo September Free Reads.  It's called Sisters.   I like this excerpt because it's the first time the hero and heroine meet.  Keep in mind though, this free story is a short story, meant to be an extension of the first book, Harper's Wish .             “After you, please.”   Holding the door wide, he bowed chivalrously.             “Thank you!” Not too bad looking either. As if she needed one of those in her life.                Once to the counter, she ordered her trusty wake-me-up call, paid and turned to go, a teen on the run, did a hit-and-run, spilling her hot black coffee right down the front of her brand new business suit.                “Shit, really?”   She didn’t know which way to turn, shaking her hands then bending to pick up th

Free Reads Month at Roane Publishing

To celebrate Roane  Publishing 's one year anniversary, they have decided to give their readers all the presents. Each Monday for the entire month of September, Roane Publishing will release two  free eBooks . No rules or  requirements . Just free reads. Get them here: Monday September 1st: Any Other Way  by  Michelle Ziegler (Contemporary Romance) Description:  Everyone wants to be someone’s first choice. Rebecca is no exception. She’s been in love with Tyler forever, but he’s one of her  best friends . She knows you never cross the friendship line; not if you want to stay that way. Too bad for meddlesome friends. Now, she’s stuck on a camping trip with a bunch of couples, and Tyler. Will Rebecca be able to bury her feelings and stay friends with Tyler, or will she sabotage everything including the Labor Day weekend? Dragon Eye  by  Anna Simpson (Fantasy) Description:  Everyone wants a dragon until the