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** Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop **

Welcome to my part in the Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop ! This hop is all about Cowboys...our love for them and anything Cowboy you love Cowboys?  Why? For me, Westerns are my favorites to read and write as well.  I'm such a sucker for cowboys and I'm not even sure I could tell you why.  Maybe it's their love of animals, the pride they take in their family and home, an undeniable work ethic or how hot they look in their blue jeans, cowboy boots and hats :)  So far I've only written once Western Romance but I loved doing it and I'm so proud to be a part of the Western Escape line at Decadent Publishing. Blurb: Ally Kincaid returns to Freewill, Wyoming, to see her father after a two year absence. Anticipating a quiet family reunion, she finds herself butting heads with her father’s foreman instead. The man’s arrogance and sexy drawl push all her buttons, making her wonder what he’s hiding beneath his cowboy swagger. Matt Gentr

My Sexy Saturday - #MSSWeek34 - @MySexySaturday - #Saturday7

My's been quite a while since I last posted for My Sexy Saturday but I'm glad to be back :) Let's my 7 comes from a WIP called, temporarily, For Love and Money . *   *   *   *   *   *   * Wyatt stood at the front door of the Tack & Feed, keeping a watchful eye on Rylee, surprised when she locked eyes on him for mere seconds then turned and walked the other way. Having lunch at the bar today?  That's different. And he knew  because he was keenly aware of exactly what she did, every day. Usually he watched her from inside the store but not today.  And because of that, he could only assume,  she'd avoided him like the plague. "Does she really hate me that much?" *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    This WIP is so new I'm not even sure how much I like that 7 but there it is lol. Hope you all enjoy all the great My Sexy Saturday posts, which you can follow below :)