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Happy Release Day to BOUND by Jason Walker #GIVEAWAY

  Bound By Jason Walker   Blurb: A BDSM Relationship can be the most intense of a person’s life and, the most trusting and loving.   Bound by leather, and unable to move, twenty-three-year-old Haley instinctively knows that tonight she and her Dominant Jerrod are about to share something very special.     With her sexual anticipation mounting by the second, her mind travels back to the first time she met this incredible sexual being. To say that Jerrod has changed her life is an understatement, because this most beautiful and charismatic of men has made her truly come alive for the first time.     She loves Jerrod to the point of adoration, and even when she challenges the boundaries he sets for her, he disciplines her with a dominant kindness that often brings her close to tears.       Will Jerrod take their relationship to the next level? And if he does, is Haley willing to be guided by her beautiful Master?   pre-order link:   http://luminosityp

Guest Post with Holly Gilliatt, author of 'Til St. Patrick's Day and a publisher #giveaway

So pleased to have Holly Gilliatt with us today to share  her book, 'Til St. Patrick's Day , which is part of the Love Finds A Way Boxed Set.   Thank you, Krista Ames, for having me on your blog today! I’m so excited about this Love Finds a Way boxed set, and honored to be a part of it with such a great group of writers. I think all the stories have a different feel, but they all have humor and of course—love. Each of the books explores women at different points in their lives…some are married, some single, some in transition. My book has a little of all of that.   ’Til St. Patrick’s Day is a heartfelt but humorous look at the lives of three best friends in their late twenties: Jayne, Karen and Claudia. This is the first book in the St. Louis Sisters Series , and is centered more on Jayne’s journey. Book #2 is due out in late July and emphasizes where Karen’s life is going. Book #3 will release in 2015 and focus more on Claudia.   I thought it w