Monday, October 27, 2014

Get Wicked with Entangled Blog Hop @entangledpub #giveaway

Welcome to my post for the Get Wicked With Entangled Blog Hop !

Today I'd like to share an excerpt from a new Paranormal is also a piece that i entered into a flash fiction contest that won.  It was originally written just for the flash fiction but i liked it so well i've decided to continue with it, into at least novella size.

Please go away, I promise I’ll never hurt you. I just came here for peace and quiet.” 
After hearing a ruckus outside, Piper stood in the doorway of her mountain hideaway, not seeing a thing through the darkness of night and trees but knowing something was there.  For days she’d been leery to go outside the cabin, afraid of the howling sounds invading her private cove hidden among the monstrous pines.  Sleep evaded her the last three nights as the wolf echoes came closer and closer. At times, the low growling was so near it gave her the chills.  It couldn’t be, but Piper swore the wolf had been right below her window.
She couldn’t believe her eyes.  The wolf she knew had been keeping her awake all hours of the night suddenly appeared in the clearing, standing a mere fifty feet from the cabin.  Her body began to shake uncontrollably.  The more fear that racked her slender frame, the closer the wolf came until he was at the base of the porch steps.
 “Shoo now, be a good doggie.”  Shit, I don’t even have a weapon to fend him off.
Frozen where she stood and too afraid to retreat, Piper watched as the wolf ascended the stairs, changing with each step he took until right in front of her face stood a gloriously naked man. 
A faint whisper invaded her mind as strong arms caught her before everything went dark.
“You could hurt me more than you know…”

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ Another Sexy Moment ~ @mysexysaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday

Today I'm sharing a 7 excerpt from my WIP, 
Saving Grace, A Montana Series Novella

     “Why can’t I be like any other twenty-something man and have a better-than well-paying job in New York City with a Lingerie Supermodel for a girlfriend?  Instead I’m in some god-forsaken Christmas cow town because my weird grandmother has no one else to run her B&B.  Damn it, I don’t want the job.  I went to Harvard.”  Porter Whiddamore stood outside the mansion style home turned Bed and Breakfast his grandmother on his dad’s side, ran.  

                “I hate this house.”

                “How could you hate this house?  It’s beautiful.  It’s an interior decorator’s dream come true.”

                Porter turned toward the female voice.  Talk about beautiful.  Maybe she’s an underwear model?

                “Yes well it isn’t really my thing, old houses I mean.”  He held out a hand to the goddess melting him with her crystal blue eyes.  “I’m Porter.”

                “Hi Porter, are you staying here too?”  She gently placed her soft fingers in his firm grip, the strength her hand followed through with nearly sent his overactive libido into a tailspin.   His eyes scanned from her toes to where their skin touched, sizzled, before expanding his view slowly over her well uh... placed upper torso.  His perusal finally stopped at those crystal blue pools that were now burning a hole into his soul.

                “Yes…I guess you could say I’m staying here too.”  


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Friday, September 26, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

Wanna get your sexy on?

Sweet !

What is it that makes you get your sexy on?

Today i want to share a bit from the short story i wrote for Roane Publishing 
as part of their anniversary promo September Free Reads.  It's called Sisters.   I like this excerpt because it's the first time the hero and heroine meet.  Keep in mind though, this free story is a short story, meant to be an extension of the first book, Harper's Wish.

            “After you, please.”  Holding the door wide, he bowed chivalrously.

            “Thank you!” Not too bad looking either. As if she needed one of those in her life.  

            Once to the counter, she ordered her trusty wake-me-up call, paid and turned to go, a teen on the run, did a hit-and-run, spilling her hot black coffee right down the front of her brand new business suit.  

            “Shit, really?”  She didn’t know which way to turn, shaking her hands then bending to pick up the mess when again, someone shot in front of her and scooped up the mess for her.  As she stood straight again, she recognized the handsome man as her door greeter.

            “You’re quite the life saver today.  Thank you.” 

            “It’s my pleasure.”  He dumped the remnants of her breakfast in the trash and turned to the counter.  “Janie, any chance we can get the lady a new coffee and bagel?”  He’d worked out the details for her quicker than she could process what had happened and turned, giving her a beautiful beam of white teeth.  Hat in one hand and holding out the other, he’d introduced himself as Tyler Masters, cowboy extraordinaire by day and hero to women in need any hour he was needed.  Then he’d laughed.  

            A soft comfortable giggle escaped before she returned the gesture.  “Well Tyler Masters, I have to say you were definitely my hero.  My day isn’t really starting off good so far.  I’m Chloe Summerfield, it’s very nice to meet you.”  When their hands met, sparks flew like the fourth of July, not that she’d really spent much time outside watching.

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