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2 Blog Hops, Silly Me :) #giveaway

Yes you read right, I have signed up to do 2 blog hops at the same time !
I would love for you to visit both and there are some great prizes so why not?
Just click on the link next to each banner to go to each one !


Springtime in the Country Blog Hop #CowboyCharmBlogHops


Springtime in the Country would be my favorite place to be right now !
Especially with all the snow I see out my window today including the fresh  new fallen snow. 
Makes me want to move away from Michigan :) 

Honestly during the Spring and Summer I don't mind Michigan.  The weather is beautiful and since I live in a tourist town, everyone is working hard to get the town ready and the lake usable.    I'm actually not from Michigan, Indiana originally but my husband was born & raised here so this is were we are :)  Have you ever been to Michigan?  I swear I don't think I'll ever see it all.  We love to travel on the weekends and I've been to so many different places I can barely keep track. 

There is one place that is my ultimate favorite though and that's Mackinac Island.

 It isn't even safely accessible until late spring to Summer and I say safely accessible because during the winter with the water frozen, the only way to get to it is the ice bridge and NO WAY will you catch me out there on a snowmobile lol.  The path is marked with Christmas Trees to help people not get lost but still...

A group of residents from both St. Ignace and the Island place Christmas trees into the ice for people to follow. They maintain the trees and also check the condition of the ice on a regular basis. The route begins near Doud's Market in St. Ignace. Check out Doud's deli sandwiches (delicious!) and ask about the safety of the ice before venturing out by yourself.

However, once the thaw makes way, the ferries leave St. Ignace and Mackinac City several times a day transporting passengers to the island.

My hubby and I try to make it there at least once a year, of course since it's our private getaway, we make sure to go without our kids !  There's nothing like it I swear.  No motorized vehicles, except for an ambulance.  Mode of transportation on the island is bicycle and horse.  It's quiet and beautiful. There's so much to see on such a little island and plenty of places to stay but our favorite is The Inn at Stonecliff.

So, if you're looking for a travel spot, definitely check it out.  Mackinac City.  You won't be sorry.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

While you're reading I'd like to share my two newest releases :) 
Harper's Wish & Second Nature

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of year, but for Harper Donaldson it’s just another day. Orphaned at an early age, she doesn’t have a single good memory of Christmas.

But, when a Santa’s Mailbox mysteriously appears in the lobby of the post office where she works as postmistress, Harper wonders what it could hurt to send her own letter to Santa.

Could he bring her the family she’d always wanted?
 Available here:   Amazon   B&N   Roane Publishing
If a second chance presented itself, would you take it?
When the love of Dana's life leaves without a word, moving on is the last thing she wants to do.  Despite loving him, she believes she will never see him again but, little does she know, she's being set up for a night that will change her life forever.
Nicholas, A Navy man, did the only thing he could to save the woman he loved.  Driven by a secret, he disappeared and now returns, years later, with hope for love.  With one opportunity, will he be able to make things right, or is it just too late? 
Will she resist the desire she has for a second chance or will it be Second Nature?
Available only at AMAZON and FREE this week!

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Giveaway:   $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
Winner will be chosen March 29th

We have a great lineup of hoppers this week so make sure to visit them all !

Spring Fling Blog Hop #HopswithHeart #Giveaway

Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop!
March 20-23

Here in Michigan I'm really saying we need to fling into spring fast because all this snow and cold weather is really getting me down.  When I think spring, I picture blooming flowers and green grass but out my window this morning, a fresh coating of snow.  Really?   I think our seasons are confused lol, shifting somehow because the way Michigan is going, we won't see green grass till June!  I just realized I still have winter on my website too so I think that will get a spring overhaul today too!

Don't forget to visit the rafflecopter below too because there are some awesome prizes for this hop !!

**Special THANKS to Blushing Books and authors Sue Lyndon, Patty Devlin and Cara Bristol for their contributions to the Grand Prizes !!

1 Kindle Fire (Donated by Blushing Books)
1 $75 Amazon (or B&N) Gift Card
1 $25 Starbucks Gift Card (Donated by Sue Lyndon)
1 $25 Blushing Books Gift Card (Donated by Patty Devlin)
1 $25 Loose Id Gift Card (Donated by Cara Bristol)

And, in keeping with hoping Spring comes soon, I am going to give away a spring goodie bag and an ecopy of an anthology I have a story in.

Summer Shorts Anthology

Excerpt from Surf's Up:
Kylee couldn‟t take much more of watching this poor guy wipe out every time he stood up. It just looked painful. She didn‟t know how to surf herself but after watching him, she wasn‟t about to try either. Even if she did know how, she wouldn‟t help. She was hiding out at her Grammy‟s winter home on the gulf coast for a reason; mending a broken heart, not meeting another guy. Technically she was over Roger. There was really nothing left to get over so it was hardly a breakup. They hadn‟t seen much of each other the last couple months. His secretary was way more accommodating to his, ah…needs anyway. Kylee had always been good with numbers which made her good at her job but it also made Roger think she could do his job too.
 He was dating her to use her. She needed someone more her own speed, a guy more lively and self thinking; someone to let her be herself—if one of those even existed. This would most definitely be the last flip today—she felt a bit like a lobster at this point. She didn‟t get to do much sunbathing in Michigan what with the long winters and her day job. If anything, she had to go to a fake n‟ bake to get some color. She wanted to savor this little slice of heaven as long as she could. If there weren‟t so many people around she would have lain nude, no tan lines that way.
For the love of Pete, there she went again, flipping over for the opposite side of her body. Without his glasses he couldn‟t be totally sure but both sides looked equally as tempting from his vantage point. Ugh…time to call it a day. She was gonna be the death of him. No way would he ever make any progress when all he could focus on was her. He‟d be on vacation for several more days yet so maybe he‟d have better luck tomorrow. Worse came to worse, he could always pay for lessons. Might be considered cheating to some but he would still be achieving the ultimate goal and he was okay with that.
After washing up on shore, too tired to paddle out again, Benji grabbed his sandals and the towel he‟d wrapped them in to hide his keys and he muscled his board to the rented pickup. The beach access he‟d found was only a block from his brother‟s condo where he was staying and he remembered seeing a pub somewhere around where he could probably get some food. He wasn‟t in the mood to cook- not that there was anything to make anyway. His brother hadn‟t stocked up before he left for vacation with his fiancĂ©. Zach and Kelly would still be gone when Benji headed back to Michigan next week so no point in getting a bunch of stuff to leave there either.

Available here:    Amazon    B&N     Turquoise Morning Press

Don't forget to Hop along with all the other Spring Flingers, list can be found here...
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

** Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop **

Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop

Welcome to my part in the
Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop !

This hop is all about Cowboys...our love for them and anything Cowboy you love Cowboys?  Why?

For me, Westerns are my favorites to read and write as well.  I'm such a sucker for cowboys and I'm not even sure I could tell you why.  Maybe it's their love of animals, the pride they take in their family and home, an undeniable work ethic or how hot they look in their blue jeans, cowboy boots and hats :)

 So far I've only written once Western Romance but I loved doing it and I'm so proud to be a part of the Western Escape line at Decadent Publishing.

Ally Kincaid returns to Freewill, Wyoming, to see her father after a two year absence. Anticipating a quiet family reunion, she finds herself butting heads with her father’s foreman instead. The man’s arrogance and sexy drawl push all her buttons, making her wonder what he’s hiding beneath his cowboy swagger.
Matt Gentry walked away from the past and shies from the future. No ties means no one gets hurt…until the boss’s daughter, a hot, green-eyed blonde, tempts him to break his own rules.
When tragedy strikes, will building tension and pride destroy their growing attraction or show them the way home?

Buy links:


I am giving away 1 ebook copy of Take Me Home, Cowboy to a lucky commenter who can tell me their favorite thing about cowboys!!   Don't forget to give your email address so I can contact you in case you win !!!
Now don't forget to hop to the other spots as well, increase your chances for some great prizes !!

Friday, January 31, 2014

My Sexy Saturday - #MSSWeek34 - @MySexySaturday - #Saturday7

My's been quite a while since I last posted for My Sexy Saturday but I'm glad to be back :)

Let's my 7 comes from a WIP called, temporarily, For Love and Money.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Wyatt stood at the front door of the Tack & Feed, keeping a watchful eye on Rylee, surprised when she locked eyes on him for mere seconds then turned and walked the other way.

Having lunch at the bar today?  That's different.

And he knew  because he was keenly aware of exactly what she did, every day.

Usually he watched her from inside the store but not today.  And because of that, he could only assume,  she'd avoided him like the plague.

"Does she really hate me that much?"

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

This WIP is so new I'm not even sure how much I like that 7 but there it is lol.

Hope you all enjoy all the great My Sexy Saturday posts, which you can follow below :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Midnight Kiss Giveaway Hop + Harper's Wish Excerpt

I love the first kiss in a book and in real life actually.  I've had a couple of those myself and they are ones I definitely won't ever forget.  I think what I might like even more is that moment right before that first kiss....the anticipation and nervousness of touching your lips to his, wondering if it'll be worth the wait.  Will you do it right?  Will he do it right?  Then once your lips touch, that feel of falling into the unknown bliss...hmmmm. 
Well anywho, there's a giveaway for this hop. 
 A main giveaway sponsored by Liquid Silver, a $25 gift voucher for Liquid Silver Books.
I will also give be giving away a copy of my new release,
Harper's Wish in addition to a New Year's goody bag!  
Make sure you leave a comment below with your email addy :)
Check out the Midnight Kiss video...
*  *  *  *  *  *
I'd also like to share an excerpt of the first kiss from Harper's Wish.
Fin peeked through the opening. “Hey, there. I just wanted to make sure you had everything you


“Holy crap! You scared me.” She stepped back with a hand over her heart and tried to catch her breath.

Fin came inside in all his shirtless cowboy glory and closed the door behind him. “Dang, I’m sorry. I
seem to have a habit of doing that.” Warm palms wrapped around her bare arms. His touch took way the chill, but created a whole different set of emotions instead.

She inhaled the scent of his aftershave and glanced up at him, noticing the ends of his hair, the color of burnished oak, were still damp. A vivid mental picture of him naked in the shower had her heart racing again. 
Fin’s eyes darkened and grew hungry, as if she were his next meal. Her gaze traveled to his lips, lush
and begging to be kissed. The magnetic energy crackled between them, and her body swayed toward Fin’s bare chest. Her palms burned hot at the contact with his flesh.
His lips crushed hers, setting her nerve endings on fire.
She returned his kiss with eagerness. Fin’s hands roamed over her back, then lower while she moved
her fingers over his muscles with a feather-light touch and into his hair. Harper couldn’t fight the attraction a second longer. She sighed as his fingers fisted into the t-shirt she wore, edging it higher to reveal her stomach.

“I’m sorry for being so forward, but I’ve wanted to do this since the moment I saw you.”

She expelled a soft moan of pleasure to encourage him.

Fin had the material around her shoulders when a knock sounded at the door—just before it started to push open.

“Hey, are you two oka—”

“Kaleb, don’t open the door!” Fin yelled as Harper shrieked and pulled her shirt back into place.

She heard Kaleb curse in the hallway, and with a muttered apology, his footsteps padded away,
growing quieter the further from the door he got.

Fin had wrapped Harper in his embrace to shield her from Kaleb’s view, but pulled away to look down at her. After a moment, he rested his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry about that. Damn. Every time I turn around, I’m apologizing to you. I sure as hell won’t be apologizing for kissing you, though.”

“I hope not. I wouldn’t accept it anyway. I wanted that just as much as I think you did.” Her heart still hammered against her ribcage.

“Oh, I definitely did. I’m only sorry Kaleb interrupted when he did and ruined the mood.”

She placed a sweet kiss on the tip of his nose and pulled away. “Perhaps this time it was for the best. I just met you yesterday, and while I’m sure I’ll be cursing myself in about an hour, maybe it was a sign for us to take things slow.”

“You’re right. I don’t know what came over me. Well, I do know, but I need to control it better.” His face reddened a little. “There’s just something about you that makes me nuts, besides your beautiful face. You’re sweet and funny, and your smile lights up the whole room.”

Harper thwacked Fin in the shoulder, cheeks burning. “Stop, you’re embarrassing me.” Despite her
protest, she couldn’t seem to wipe the silly grin from her face. “One last kiss, then you’re leaving. I need my beauty sleep.” She grabbed him around the neck and planted a doozy on him, then pushed him out and shut the door.

“Good night, Harper,” she heard him call from the hallway.

Smiling in spite of herself, Harper folded the clothes she’d left lying on the bed, shut off the lamp, and
crawled between the cold sheets.

“How the heck am I supposed to sleep now?”

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Yay!! Happy Release Day ~ Harper's Wish


 Yay, it's official !!  It's finally released :)
There are buy links below, a button to add Harper's Wish
to your goodreads list and a tour schedule so you can follow along !

Harper’s Wish

A Montana Series Christmas Novella


Krista Ames

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of year, but for Harper Donaldson it’s just another day.  Orphaned at an early age, she doesn’t have a single good memory of Christmas.
But, when a Santa’s Mailbox mysteriously appears in the lobby of the post office where she works as postmistress, Harper wonders what it could hurt to send her own letter to Santa.
Could he bring her the family she’d always wanted?
Harper's Wish
Buy Links:   Roane Publishing   Amazon    Amazon (UK)   


About the Author:

Born and raised in Northern Indiana, Krista now resides in Northern Lower Michigan.  She is married to a very supportive man who allows her to follow her true passion of writing and never complains when she is pirated away on her computer for hours.    Krista is also a mother of 4 ornery children who keep her plenty busy.  With an addition of 2 beautiful chocolate lab sisters and a playful kitty, there is never a dull or spare moment in her household.   

Krista has always loved to read and would often sit up for hours into the night not able to put down a book until she was finished.  She still reads when she can but her main focus is creating her own stories to share with the world. 

She loves to communicate with her readers so please feel free to drop her a line anytime at or visit her at   or

Facebook    Twitter   Goodreads   Pinterest  

 *   *  *   *   *   *
Tour schedule
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The Talent Cave Reviews  -  Promo / Excerpt

Darkmotive's Books and More  -  Promo / Excerpt

December 31

Annabelle Blume  -  Review / Promo / Excerpt

January 1st

Long and Short Reviews  - Guest Post / Ebook giveaway

January 2nd

Michelle’s Blog  -  Guest Post

All Things Bookie  -  Author Interview

January 3rd

Musing About The Writer's Life  -  Character Interview

Scribbler’s Sojourn  -  Top Ten List
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