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6 books by 6 authors !!! COWBOY, MINE - get it now !!!

We did it !! This great boxed set is now available and at a great price,  Just 99¢ For such a low price, you get 6(six) cowboy stories by 6(six) best selling and award winning authors ! Kathleen Ball Krista Ames Cheryl Gorman Melissa Keir Lyssa Layne D'Ann Lindun Available in print and ebook, get your copy today here !!!

Free Reads! New Covers ! @roanepublishing

Do you like Free?  Do you like pretty covers?  Well, today I reveal to you the new covers of the Free reads released for Roane Publishing's 1st birthday last year! Where can you get them?  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords -  BUT if you go here you can get them all in one place. Now for the reveal!   Sisters - Krista Ames    (A Montana Series Short Story)   Description: Having a sister was something Harper Donaldson had only wished for in her dreams. When a letter came telling her she not only had a sister, but her new-found sister was coming to visit Holly, Montana in person within a weeks’ time, Harper panics. Chloe Summerfield grew up in a loving home with an adopted family, but always wondered who else might be out there. Given the right tools and a little bit of time, she found out she had a sister and has wasted no time arranging to meet her long lost sibling. Will the meeting be everything both women hope for? Any Other Wa