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MY SEXY SATURDAY !! @MySexySaturday #MSS48 #Saturday7

It's so nice to be back on the My Sexy Saturday running hop !!!  Love reading  all the sexy stuff these great participating authors always share !!! Well again this Saturday, my sexy 7 snippet is from my Western Escape, Take Me Home, Cowboy, a visit to the barn because she hadn't seen the horses since she'd been back to town.  I know, doesn't sound very sexy but in a dark place, alone, it turned out ... kinda sexy. *** He moved on, calling the next few horses by names, rubbing their soft noses, and passing each of them a candy. Matt tried to always be gentle and very soft spoken to them. The majestic beasts were a love of his. He liked the way they responded to him. Often times, he thought a woman should be treated much the same. Ally had been watching him with the horses. Would she want him to touch her as gently? He moved closer. “Not sure what you’re thinking, princess, but I bet I’d like to know.” Her face practically lit up like a bonfire. “Well, i

MY SEXY SATURDAY !! @MySexySaturday #MSS47 #Saturday7

Welcome to my contribution to the  47th week of MY SEXY SATURDAY !!! The focus of this Saturday is Sexy Forever !   This particular focus really made me think.  Do i have the type of characters in  my stories that are Sexy Forever?  I really hadn't thought about it quite  that way but I'd like to think so. Today's 7 snippet is from Take Me Home, Cowboy , A Western Escape novella from Decadent Publishing       Ally sat on the top rail of the corral gate for what seemed like hours while her father’s foreman put the rogue through the paces, adding a saddle blanket halfway through for familiarity. The thoroughbred was more beautiful than she’d originally thought. He would sire stunning foals. Matt had talked while he worked, telling her the plan to have the horse mount both the new honey colored mares.       She left the corral at mid-morning to make them lunch, amazed at how comfortable she felt in his company. At the same time, her insides w