Saturday, June 21, 2014

MY SEXY SATURDAY !! @MySexySaturday #MSS47 #Saturday7

Welcome to my contribution to the 
47th week of MY SEXY SATURDAY !!!

The focus of this Saturday is Sexy Forever !  

This particular focus really made me think.  Do i have the type of characters in
 my stories that are Sexy Forever?  I really hadn't thought about it quite
 that way but I'd like to think so.

Today's 7 snippet is from Take Me Home, Cowboy,
A Western Escape novella from Decadent Publishing

      Ally sat on the top rail of the corral gate for what seemed like hours while her father’s foreman put the rogue through the paces, adding a saddle blanket halfway through for familiarity. The thoroughbred was more beautiful than she’d originally thought. He would sire stunning foals. Matt had talked while he worked, telling her the plan to have the horse mount both the new honey colored mares.

      She left the corral at mid-morning to make them lunch, amazed at how comfortable she felt in his company. At the same time, her insides were stretched tighter than a rubber band. He gave off a male vibe she simply couldn’t resist. It might be her imagination, but he seemed as taken with her, and she secretly smiled. There was no denying it, she wanted the man in every way she could think of and probably some ways she shouldn’t. However, there was the potential issue of another woman in his life, which gave her cause for concern.

       Shortly after they’d both eaten roast beef and Swiss sandwiches, she’d resumed her perch on the top rail. The weather had warmed up nicely. Matt worked patiently with the horse, but then out of the blue, he stopped long enough to peel off his T-shirt. Good Lord! Ally almost fell off the gate. He was too good to be true—a real nice tan from all the hard work in the sun showed off a set of six-pack abs to die for. Her fingers itched to touch every part of his body.

      She pictured herself first running her fingertips over his wide shoulders and defined pecs. Then she would brush her thumbs over his male nipples, imagining the catch of his breath and the pooling of desire as his cock strained against the zipper of his faded jeans.

      She wouldn’t want it to be all one-sided, however much she loved to touch and pleasure him. She wanted his hands on her too, caressing her most intimate spots. She smiled sheepishly at letting herself think like this again. She used her shirtsleeve to wipe the sweat from her brow and pulled on her pants to adjust her damp panties.

      Startled out of her erotic daydream, and not for the first time, she licked her dry lips as her eyes connected with his all-knowing ones. He proudly carried the shit-eatin’ grin of a man who knew exactly what she’d been thinking. Had she been drooling? Unbelievable! She’d read and edited more erotic romances than she could count, and she’d definitely heard it all. But this was different for some reason, and very personal.

      He stalked closer to her with the horse at his heels, but he never broke eye contact. That is, until Rogue bypassed him to nudge at her knee. She remained perched precariously on the fence.

*   *   *   *   *

Please follow along with the other awesome authors who have contributed 
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  1. Awesome...I can see this happening...and it's oh, so sexy. Makes me want to smack my lips. Thanks for sharing.