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* Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop *

   Welcome to Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop   Thanks to our sponsors, there is a great grand prize at the end of this hop...   A brand new Kindle Fire   +   books from all the sponsors listed above :)   Along with the main prize, each blog included in the Hop is also giving away their own prize.  ~ ~ ~ ~ Do you know why we hang mistletoe above our doorways?  Well I was curious so i did some internet searching and ran across a post on Baldur, grandson of the Norse god Thor, woke up one morning certain that each and every plant and animal on earth wanted to kill him. His mother consoled him. His wife consoled him, but all to no avail. As Baldur cowered in his room, half-wild with fear, his mother and wife decided to ask every living thing to leave their poor Baldur in peace. They begged the kindness of the oak tree, the pig, the cow, the crow, the ant and even the worm. Each agreed. Then, as Baldur paused to celebrate his releas

Still Moments Publishing Blog Hop & #Giveaway

    Welcome to the Still Moments Publishing Christmas Blog Hop Day #4   I am thrilled to be able to participate in this hop.  There will be lots of prizes available...many of the author blogs each day are doing their own giveaways but there are also grand prizes that will come from Still Moments Publishing.   Click here for a list of the participating authors and the overall prizes !!     My prize is going to be a digital copy of    SMP's Making Magic recipe collection           to one lucky commenter.  Just make sure you leave a comment below, including your email in case I need to contact you !     When I think of Christmas I think of my kids, presents and lots of cooking.  I always try to get my hubby to do the cooking because he's an excellent cook and a perfectionist but he looks at me like i'm nuts lol.  So...I do it :)    My favorite Christmas dinner is a Ham with all the trimmings.  My husband is a Turkey man, or just a turkey but