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My #DecadentJourney Hop

    Drop by the Daily Dose of Decadence Blog for more Decadent Journeys   All through April 18th, the authors of Decadent Publishing are coming together to share their DECADENT JOURNEY.  We'll be giving a behind the scenes look at how our books were produced and to offer insider tips for would-be authors hoping to submit to Decadent Publishing.  From first contracts to exciting edits, and hilarious bloopers...we're dishing it all!  And we're chatting on twitter - #decadentauthors #decadentjourney     This particular journey is one i'll never forget !     First of all, m y whole-hearted thanks go out to Decadent Publishing and the team of editors for the Western Escape line, those ladies are awesome !!!     Their encouragement is what got me involved with Western Escape in the first place.    They were having a Shooting Star Writing Contest which I knew no