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St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop March 14-21 ~ Lots of Giveaways

  Hosted by InnerGoddessForum Thanks so much for stopping by for this great St. Patrick's Day hop !!! St. Patrick's Day always reminds me of green beer, which i never drank, and where I lived growing up, they used to color the river green.    As close as I get to green these days is my  Up North Michigan Sweatshirt, my eyes and the bottle of Dew that's usually on my desk :) In honor of 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' and St. Patrick's Day,  I'll be giving away a green (filled) goodie bag :) So make sure you leave a comment and your email ! I'm also going to share an excerpt from Harper's Wish when they were kissing.  Who doesn't love the kissing parts? “Holy crap you scared me.   I was just shutting the door when you knocked.”   She stood back as Fin walked into the room and toward her.   With a hand over her heart, she tried to catch her breath.                   “Dang, I’m sorry.”   His warm palms rested where her arms were bar