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St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop March 14-21 ~ Lots of Giveaways

Inner Goddess 
Hosted by InnerGoddessForum

Thanks so much for stopping by for
this great St. Patrick's Day hop !!!

St. Patrick's Day always reminds me of green beer, which i never drank, and where I lived growing up, they used to color the river green.   
As close as I get to green these days is my  Up North Michigan Sweatshirt, my eyes and the bottle of Dew that's usually on my desk :)

In honor of 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' and St. Patrick's Day, 
I'll be giving away a green(filled) goodie bag :) So make sure you leave a comment and your email !

I'm also going to share an excerpt from Harper's Wish when they were kissing.  Who doesn't love the kissing parts?

“Holy crap you scared me.  I was just shutting the door when you knocked.”  She stood back as Fin walked into the room and toward her.  With a hand over her heart, she tried to catch her breath. 
                “Dang, I’m sorry.”  His warm palms rested where her arms were bare from the short sleeves.  His presence took away the chill she had but it created a whole different set of emotions instead.  He was close enough she could breathe in the scent of the aftershave he’d used and the ends of his hair, the color of burnished oak, were still damp.  A vivid mental picture of him naked in the shower had her heart racing again.
                As she looked toward his handsome face, his eyes darkened, as if she were his next meal.  The control no longer her own when her gaze traveled toward his lips, lush and begging to be kissed.  The magnetic energy evident between them had her body being drawn toward Fin’s bare chest where her hands instinctively landed only seconds before his lips crushed onto hers.  The nerves all over her body ignited and she returned his advances wholeheartedly. 
                His hands roamed over her back and lower while she twisted her fingers over his muscles and into his hair.  Neither could fight the attraction a second longer as his fingers fisted into his own t-shirt she wore, edging it higher to reveal her silky skin.

* * * *

BLOG HOP Grand Prize
Laurie Olerich - $20.00 Amazon Gift Card
Bella Juarez - $20 Strandbucks
Dominique Eastwick - $10 gift card to Ebook site of winner's choice
Phaze Books: $10 gift certificate to and
a $10 gift certificate to 
Carlene Flores - Winner’s choice of either signed print copy or e-copy of rock star romance, Wicked Flower, + $5 gift card to Evernight Publishing.
Tara Rose - e-Books of Abigail's Acquiescence and There's A New Sin In Town
Ravenna Tate - eBook of both Kidnapped By A Warrior and Fallon's Capture
Lisa Renee Jones- a signed copy of Rebecca's Lost Journals
Linda L. Picl - e-copy of Angelea's Dreams of Yesterday
Crystal Gauthier - Paperback copy of Great Lakes Original Cookbook.
PT Macias - eBooks of Becoming Her Master, Secret Sexy Passions & $5.00 gc
Kathleen Gallagher - e-book of Savannah's Journey, book 1 City Lights Series
Leigh Ellwood - winner's choice of two Audio books
Andrew Jericho - e-book of Flirting with Heaven (Rock Stars 3)
Angel Voison - e-books of Havoc's Crew series (Blazing Glory, High Voltage and Wrecking Havoc).
Bronwyn Heeley - e-copy of Love without Knowing It
Fel Fern - ebook of The Spymaster's Crow
Brenna Zinn - copy of Iron Rods and Touched by Midas
Sable Hunter - Sable Hunter "Tag" tote bag
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to hop along with us all !!!



  1. I LOVE goodie bags!! I never drank the green beer either, now I dye my martini's green ; )


  2. Thank you for the giveaway chance green just happens to be my favorite color!!

  3. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!
    gemiinii90 (at) yahoo (dot) nl


  4. Happy St Patrick's Day! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Thanks for the Giveawayđź’— Happy St Patrick's Day!

  6. Thanks for the Giveawayđź’— Happy St Patrick's Day!

  7. I posted under your romance excerpt on the 14th. đź’–


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