Friday, May 6, 2022

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As myths, legends, and ancient tales rise from the shadows, these heroes and heroines are left to face the darkest challenges of them all.

Life's hard enough as a paranormal. Shifters, vampires, elementals, witches, fae...we all have our weakness, our curses, our wars to wage and battles to fight.

But being a hybrid or a halfling, things just get worse. We don't fit in anywhere, our powers are thwarted or out of control, and everyone wants us dead.

Can we overcome these trials...or are the odds stacked too high against us? We'll risk it all--even our lives--to find out. And hope we don't die trying.

This paranormal and urban fantasy romance anthology includes brand new, never before published novels from today's bestselling authors and exciting up-and-coming talent!

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My contribution is called 

'Something Witchy This Way Comes'


Miranda Parker is a witch and proud of it. However she doesn't necessarily make a habit of practicing in public. She and her sisters live a quiet existence in their small town. From a pact they made years ago with their mother, the magic they do is only for good and that's the way she's determined for it to stay, no matter what.

But, when All Hallows Eve brings a devilishly handsome stranger to the ancestral home she and her sisters share, she becomes very aware and wary of the danger he may possess. No one believes her but she is one hundred and ten percent sure of it, that the boundaries between good and evil are about to be put to the test.

Be ever so cautious of the things that go bump in the night...

~ ~

Here's a peek of what else is inside!

Nora would do anything to protect her sister and avoid the Pit--even take a deal from the one archangel she despises.

- The Archangel's Deal by K. Rea

All she wanted was to find the guy terrorizing Midtown; instead, she found a magical underground war going on right under our noses.

- A Fire Awakens  by Mireille Chester

A college freshman turned rumored chosen one must save her university when an ancient demon returns and possesses one of their own.

- Faust University by Emma B. Layne

...and many more!

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