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My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. Saturdays are my favorite day.  Besides getting to sleep in, well actually maybe that's the reason :)  My hubby is always up so early during the week for work so come Saturday, it's absolutely sexy to feel him snuggled up behind me knowing we have nothing we need to do and nowhere we have to be.  Do you think Saturdays are sexy? So,every Saturday, a great *growing* group of authors will post 7 paragraphs, 7 lines or 7 words from their published book or a current work in progress (WIP).  Today my 7 will come from... Second Nature (book 1 in the Second  Series) I'm sorry I don't have a cover but this work is  currently in edits with The Wild Rose Press. 7 sentences... (or thereabouts)       Her hand shot out of nowhere and slapped him hard across the face.  Her finger tips trembled.  She’d never done anything like that before.      Nick rubbed the red spot on his cheek, his mouth dropping open.      

My Sexy Saturday

I do love Saturdays don't you?  They're so sexy !!! (even though I'm posting late on Monday :)) (click above to visit sponsor site) Every Saturday a group of authors will post 7 paragraphs, 7 lines or 7 words from their published book or their work in progress. Today my 7 will come from ...  Morgan's Mountain ( my current work-in-progress ) 7 sentences ... Apparently at some point during his rescue, she’d removed his face mask and bandaged his head again.   He ran his fingers across the gauze taped on the aching part of his head where he’d felt the sticky red liquid before.   After he blinked a few times, coaxing his eyes to focus better in the dark, one look around told him right where he was.   The family cabin hadn’t changed in, oh well at least before the last time he’d been there.   Since that held true as he accessed the rest of the room, Luke figured they still hadn’t added a bathroom and his eyeballs were floating he had to