Friday, February 12, 2016

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So it's almost Valentine's Day !  Busy time for the flower shops for sure !  I was actually just at one this morning.  My daughter is class president for her Junior class at the local high school and she was in charge of the Carnation sales this year so she sold all week and we had to pick up this morning so she can deliver to all classes at school today.  

Otherwise we don't usually do too much in my household for Valentine's day. It's the usual valentine treats for the younger girls with their class at school and my teenage son has a girlfriend so we had to buy a non-LOVE but mushy enough gift so he didn't look lame lol.  

My daughter also works at the Public Library in our town as a student assistant and this year for the valentine holiday, they are doing something really neat that I've never heard before.  For those that don't have any one to share the holiday with, our public library this year is doing a "Blind-Date with a Book".  

What that means is they have taken a selection of different genre books and gift-wrapped them with only the name on the outside.  When patrons come in to inquire, they can pick a book to sit and read without being able to look at the cover or know what it's about.  I actually think this is a really cool thing to do if you are a reader but don't have any special Valentine or plans. 

I also think it's really cool that they wrapped them as a "Blind Date" because so many times books are judged by their cover and get overlooked if they just happen to be a really great book but the cover didn't do it justice.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on "Blind Date with a Book"

(and just in case my blog post gets out there, I'd like to give all credit for the idea to Karrie at the Public Library and sorry if i didn't get the details quite right :)

Oh and on a site note, i did get my Valentine's day gift from my hubby already :)  Just had to be sized because he wanted to surprise me and didn't remember my ring size.  I'm totally in love with it !

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  1. The Blind Date With a Book idea is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Love the rig, Krista! Congrats on such a beautiful gift from your hubby. Selling carnations at school for Valentine's is a great idea. I'm not sure on the 'book without a cover'. It's the cover that reels me in. I don't think I would try the book if I couldn't see the cover first. I don't qualify for the giveaway as I'm in CA, but wanted to comment anyway :)

  3. OMG, everything I was about to comment on faded to the background when I saw your beautiful ring. What a great hubby! My fiancee and I have been searching for a wrap ring to go with my engagement ring. Okay, breathe .... right, what I was going to say was the blind date book idea is so cool. I love it... and your ring too. 💍

  4. Like the concept of Blind Date with a book. intriguing.
    Nice Valentines gift, too :-)
    The stories in Cowboy Mine are great.

  5. An amazing Valentine's day gift :) My email is in my profile in case I should win. x