Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #MSSWeek12

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday Week 12 #MSSWeek12

It's a pleasure and so much fun to join in with the other great authors and present snippets of my work in progress.

Today I'm sharing my 7 from a soon-to-be released 
work from The Wild Rose Press

My 7 paragraphs from Second Nature, 
book 1 in The Second Series...
(please ignore any grammar/spelling snafu's as we are  in edits, sorry no cover yet :))

Her words were cut off by his hard and intense lips, drowning out any other reasonable thought she had except how good he tasted as he devoured her. Heaven help her, this wasn't just any kiss...more like a homecoming. She often lay awake at night, trying to remember what his kisses felt like against her lips and skin.

The kiss doesn't mean anything. It can’t. Too much water under the bridge, and I’m not sure if I can ever forgive him.

Dana struggled with her thoughts until Nick wound his fingers into her hair, tilting back her head while his tongue pressed against her slightly parted lips, demanding entrance.

Live for the moment—just the moment!

Her lips parted without hesitation, allowing him to deepen the kiss. His tongue delved in search of hers, eliciting a moan from deep within her throat and encouraging him further.

 With his other hand against her lower back, he pressed her closer yet, her full breasts tight against his chest. He pushed his arousal to her stomach. She ran her hands frantically over his shoulders, gripping his biceps as his fingers moved over her hips and down the silky satin covering her thighs.

Nick left her whimpering mouth to trail hungry kisses down the length of her neck and over her bare shoulder. He fidgeted with the hem of her dress, as if hesitating. Did he want her to stop him? She had no intention of stopping him. She couldn't. She wanted him so bad. When she didn't cease his wandering hands, he continued. His hands slipped under the hem of the black satin and pushed her dress up her hips to grasp her firm, round bottom, bare except for a thin strip of lace.

“Damn, woman! A thong?”

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